Friday, March 14, 2008

Living the dream....sort of

I left the glamorous life of a DoD contractor 2 years ago to become a full-time, stay-at-home dad which has been, without a doubt, the most rewarding experience of my life. If you get a chance to do this, don't hesitate, do it. In the last 2 years I've seen first-hand the miraculous transformation we all go through from slobbering poop machine to walking, talking, miniature person. The only down-side to the whole adventure was that the only conversation I've had for a majority of my waking hours has been with a slobbering poop machine, now miniature person. So, to those of you I've cornered and rambled at, sometimes on and on and on, I'm sorry, I was starving for talk about something other than what color everything is.

To remedy my problem I decided I had to get more interaction with other grown-ups. I had to return to the workforce. The thought of returning to the life of Defense work I had previously known was enough to make me ill. The money was good, but there is something to be said for wanting to go to work in the morning. I was standing in the tasting room at the Tröegs Brewing Company when it hit me: I needed to work in a brewery. What more noble employment than that in a place where they make beer? None, I say. After a brief conversation with head brewer, John Trogner, during which he encouraged me to apply, I thought "why not?" I love beer. Even more, I love making beer. The combining of water, grains, flowers, and fungus to end up with something so delicious is magical. I had to be part of it.

After several weeks and a couple of interviews, I'm now a full-time employee of the Tröegs Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA. I'd love to say that I'm brewing, but I'm working in the packaging side of the house. The work can be physically demanding, but I'm loving it. The employees all seem to share a love of good beer and good music. A couple of them even mountain bike. I've only been there a week, but so far, so good.



Icon O. Classt said...

Damn, living the life!

Cool move. Work your way into that brewmaster spot and we'll open our own. Hell, we could grab Shenandoah Brewing Company's digs in Old Town, Alexandria, right now, fully-outfitted, for a cool half-mill, ha...but then what?

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Yeah, it is way more fun enjoying going to work in the morning no matter what you are doing! I'm glad to hear about your opportunity- with your skills and innovation you'll surely work your way up the chain and be brew daddy in no time!

TCM said...

I'm really digging it. I'm happy working the packaging and distribution side of the house, but of course hope to be working the brewhouse one of these days.

Icon O. Classt said...

Hey, man, if you haven't already done so, check out Weird Brews, by Jeff Sparrow.

Informative and entertaining!

the bankrupt museum said...

tcm - awesome. not quite sure how I googled my way here, but you know me from a former life...a time of, say, different vibes and simpler machines. glad to see you're doing well! drop me a line if you feel so inclined --> jeffrey.m.west (at) gmail (dot) com